The Truth About an Eco Friendly Water Bottle For Biking

Have you got an eco-friendly water bottle for biking? One of the friendliest ways of getting around today is by bike. All the environmentalists are chanting their cause to save our planet, don’t use the car therefore saving on the amount of fumes that are omitted into the atmosphere.

Those of you that bike a lot know that one of the most important things to carry on your bike is some kind of water bottle.

For many years plastic has been in favour as the lightest and best material for making water bottles. You only have to look in the shops and see the hundreds and hundreds of different plastic bottles arraying the shelves.

Not anymore though. Plastic bottles are being viciously attacked by the green people because they are not bio-degradable and will take over 1,000 years to ultimately dispose of.

So how can we solve the problem? By changing the bottles that we use.

Apart from the danger of not decomposing, we are also under the impression that after researching into plastic bottles they leach chemicals into the liquid.

The more we re-fill the bottles, the greater chance of more and more phlates are likely to leak out of the plastic and end up in the water.

Another concern is that how do we know what chemicals we are adding into the bottle daily as we re-fill it with our own tap water. We have no idea of how clean or safe that water is.

What is the best solution then to avoid giving ourselves a toxic cocktail every time we drink water?

Quite simply the best solution and the only solution is for you to filter your own water at home and then use a safe bottle which has been tested and certified 100% non leaching.

Some of these bottles they now make for sporty people are very lightweight. As that is another point to be aware of. When biking you do not want to have to carry an un-cumbersome and heavy drinking vessel.

When you filter the water it has a much fresher and sweeter flavour which in turn means that you want to drink gallons of it, which means the more you drink the healthier you will become.

Find out today how you can start to filter your own water at and keep yourself in tip top condition. And when you are ready for a ride you will be able to take your eco-friendly water bottle for biking with you.