Sustainable Building Techniques

What is sustainable building or green construction? Put at its simplest this means constructing and maintaining properties in an environmentally responsible manner.

Green buildings reduce the impact of the building on people and nature.
The three keys to reduce the impact of a buildingâeuro™s âeuro˜carbon foot-print:âeuro™

* Reduce wasteful uses of energy
* Use existing energy more efficiently
* Protect the health of the inhabitants

What do you need to understand about building work and sustainable building best practice?

The CDM Regulations

The CDM Regulations were introduced in 1994 and updated in 2007 and they dictate the health and safety requirements of all construction projects. CDM stands for Construction Design and Management Regulations. Any builder with green credentials will have a thorough understanding of the regulations and be able to co-ordinate their implementation.

Project Managing Green Projects

In major cities like London a building firm will provide a Project Manager as an option to run your low energy home project. The advantages of having an experienced Project Manager include saving you time and money and keeping the material budget under control.

Sustainable Building – Basic Techniques

If youâeuro™re not starting from scratch but are instead renovating then getting the right material to insulate your property is a great start and will save on your energy bills. every year. Double-glazing is another basic technique to reduce your carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Low Emission Heating and Plumbing

An old boiler can produce1 tonne, per year, of extra CO2 and lose you hundreds of pounds. Upgrading your boiler so you have the latest controls will make long-term savings.

Refurbishment Options for Green Building

If you are a property owner and you intend staying in your residence for a number of years you will be better off making your savings at the start of your stay. Breaking down your green build may be done in stages starting with ideal insulation of the best quality materials for your loft and your windows and considering all aspects of the build from under-pining to the latest roof covering techniques.

London Capital of Sustainable Building

Eco-building is taking off in the capital and spreading to the suburbs. All around there are more and more examples of green builds as property owners understand that the environment is supported but also major savings are made in everything from a new basement to a loft conversion.

The Pathology of a Building

Building pathology and sick building syndrome are gaining more headlines as homeowners take an interest in the environment and their impact on where they live. A property owner may think their building has been constructed in the most energy efficient manner but it is very common to find buildings that have had the wrong materials used. Using a business with green credentials is vital. {pixabay|100|campaign}