Organic cleaning becomes a fad

Over the last couple of decades people have woken up to the idea of going green. Everyone and everything is going environment friendly. And with the rising awareness about environmental hazards, more and more companies are hopping on to the green bandwagon. Today, almost all industries are going eco friendly. Green industries are the in thing now, with more and more people looking for a career in eco friendly companies.

Even the carpet cleaning industry has imbibed eco friendly methods into their cleaning services. Usually any company which is a part of the cleaning industry offers Carpet cleaning service or Rugs Cleaning Services .

So what do these companies do to call themselves eco friendly or green companies? Usually when you ask for a cleaning service, the cleaning agents they use on your carpets, rugs and blinds are made from strong chemicals. The use of these chemicals ensures that your carpets are rugs are thoroughly cleaned. The chemicals found in the cleaning agents are usually phosphates, carcinogens like benzene, formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds. Since majority of the chemicals are in aerosol form they pose a serious threat to our atmosphere. We all know about the harmful effects of aerosols on the ozone layer.

The green cleaning services do not use any such chemicals in their cleaning products. They offer Pure Organic Cleaning Services for cleaning of your rugs, carpets, blinds, curtains etc. You as a customer can do your bit for the environment by asking for Pure Organic Carpet Cleaning.

The organic cleaning services use products such as citrus and vinegar for their cleaning and disinfecting properties. Also, both citrus and vinegar are acidic in nature which ensures proper cleaning. Vinegar and citrus not only remove stains and blotches but also remove any bad odor that might be present in your rug or carpet.

The other cleaning products used by cleaning services are salt, talc and charcoal. Salt because of its abrasiveness proves to be an excellent cleaning agent. Talc or baking soda covers stains which charcoal absorbs strong, lingering odors and stains. These organic cleaning agents are also gentle and can be used even on the plushest and expensive carpets or rugs.

Thus it is advisable to go for a green cleaning service, as it spares you from the harmful effects of cleansing agents and you also contribute towards conserving the environment. So go green!