Green CD Packaging

CDs come in different types of packaging but the materials used in making these packaging for the past years- since CD had its top worldwide sales- are almost the same. Plastic, toxic adhesives, polyethylene, and the like are the common materials used in producing CDs. The huge production of CD Packaging with such materials and chemicals are producing a huge amount of pollutants that are harmful to the environment.


Green CD packaging may not heal the environment, but it is a simple way musicians can do to help slow down the destruction. Millions of the non-organic CD packaging can be recycled and reused to make Green CD packaging. CD manufacturing companies can make Green CD packaging by utilizing at least a percentage of post-consumer products in manufacturing their CD packaging to produce CD packaging that’s friendlier to Mother Nature.


Green CD packaging uses most of its materials that is of organic origin. Some Green CD packaging use a hundred percent post-consumer products-like CD wallets, CD jackets, and CD sleeves. There are also Green CD packaging that uses minimal plastic with a hundred percent green forestry products and some biodegradable materials. There are also those that don’t use plastic at all and use totally recyclable materials for Green CD packaging.


Another way that CD manufacturing companies can become eco-friendly is by using vegetable-based inks as alternative to the petroleum-based inks. Manufacturers that produce CD packages through Green CD packaging usually use vegetable-based inks for printing the designs. These vegetable-based inks are non-toxic substances that are good substitutes for non-organic inks in terms of quality that are commonly used in printing the artwork for your Green CD packaging. Although it costs a bit higher and takes longer to dry, it is definitely a good solution to minimize the destruction of the environment.


The responsible CD manufacturing company should promote the Green movement. The best thing CD manufacturing companies can do to help the environment is by offering a range of Green packaging options to their clients and promoting them. More paper, less plastic, soy-based inks instead of petroleum-based inks, no shrink wrap if possible.


Having a Green CD packaging will not save the planet from damage, but it’s a simple way of promoting and practicing the green movement. As they say, the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Thailand set off a tornado in Texas. Small decisions we take in everyday life intrinsically influence our near future. Help promote the green movement by having a green CD packaging.