Green Baby Gifts – Tips For Buying An Environmentally Friendly Baby Gift

Cloth versus disposable nappies.

Are you buying for a family who plans to use cloth nappies? Many families turn to cloth nappies to lead a greener life and reduce landfill. There are some great products in the current market place that accommodate the reusable alternative! You could try Baby Behinds or bumGenius for their clever all-in-one cloth diapers.

Cloth nappies require accessories, and these always make a practical addition to any baby gift basket. Nappy Pins or their newfangled plastic cousin, the “Snappy” will be very useful.

Don’t discount disposable nappies. There are eco nappies on the market, which are made from recycled material and are biodegradable – not nearly as harmful for the environment.

Organic Baby Clothing and Bedding

There are only two countries in the world who manufacture certified organic cotton, China and India. Organic cotton is not exposed to pesticides or chemicals during the growing process, and hence is not considered harmful to baby’s skin. The gentle and safe properties of certified organic cotton need to be balanced against the carbon footprint of the worldwide freight on certified organic cotton products.

Organic baby clothing and baby bedding can be readily found online, but expect to pay almost double for organic cotton as opposed to the “garden variety” of cotton. Research indicates that gift-givers prefer to gift organic baby gifts, as they are seen to be uncompromising on quality or price.

Natural fibres such as Bamboo or Hemp

Baby clothing and bedding made from these easily renewable, natural fibres is growing increasingly popular. Expect to pay a little more than ordinary cotton, but prepare yourself for the fantastically soft fabric! They make luxury baby gifts!

Toys and products coloured with vegetable dyes

Babies always put toys in their mouths! You can now buy baby toys and products that have been coloured with chemical-free vegetable dyes. Whilst there is no difference in the price of a product dyed in this fashion, many parents rest assured that no harmful chemicals will be ingested by their baby as they play with their toys.

Most people these days are aware of the need to reduce the amount of carbon emissions and poisonous chemicals being used. Having the ability to choose products that are both good quality, value and also eco friendly, will be critical in helping to reduce global warming and the negative consequences associated with it.