Environmentally Friendly Digital Printing For Business Cards

Old printing methods were very hard on the environment. From the excessive waste of possibly recyclable materials to the chemicals that printing required, there was certainly a need for a better way to answer the increasing demand for printing. Todays digital printing services offer consumers a chance at affordable printing services, but also a chance to do a small part for the environment. One of the most common print jobs today is business cards.
Each day, thousands of people place their order for business cards and there are some people who need their business cards overnight. It could be that they started a new job or a new company. Others must order for employees or co-workers. Some companies may use business cards as a means of drawing in customers with special deals or as coupon. Whatever the reason is, there are thousands of websites that offer printing services for this important 2 x3 card.
With all of the billions of business cards printed each year, you can imagine that it does take a toll on the environment. However, if digital printing is the method uses, and in many cases it is for business cards overnight, its much greener. Digital printing is much better than offset printing for a number of different reasons. One of the most important is that 97% of all the parts are recyclable. This includes the digital ink and toner. These parts are also designed to use almost all of the ink and toner before replacement is needed. This means less waste.
When printing business cards overnight, digital printing is about the only choice youll really have. This is because offset printing requires the use of a plate that is imprinted onto a rubber cylinder. This cylinder is what is rolled over the paper to create the business cards. Overnight printing isnt usually possible because it takes quite a bit of time to create the plates. The plates are not recyclable, so there is a lot of waste. Offset printing also uses VOCs. These are volatile organic compounds, which are gases released from offset inks that are very harmful to the environment. When digital printers are used for business cards, its easy to see that the planet is just a bit better off than with offset printing.
In closing, if you need business cards overnight, look for a digital printing company. Its faster, more affordable for smaller quantities, and its much better for the environment. Offset printing is a good choice for very large printing needs, but its not very good for the planet. From the VOCs to the disposal of plates, offset printing is simply not the greener choice.