Eco Products for the Autumn

Autumn is a time of year when things start to change; it acts as a warning shot for what is to come when winter arrives and our household bills rise as the dark and cold draw in.

Autumn, therefore, is a great place to begin thinking of ways to save money before winter truly begins and our bills rise in earnest.

During the autumn months we begin to accumulate quite a lot of rubbish, as leaves fall from the trees, and we spend more time indoors. Making use of our garden and household waste can then be a good way of reducing our recycling and saving money.

Garden waste in be composted, which is one way of getting something for nothing – and keeping the lawn clear too, but also garden waste can be used in other ways too.

Logmakers can compact almost anything burnable into logs for an open fire or stove, even leaves. They can also convert all that junk mail and paper recycling; the compact logs they produce shouldn’t smoke too much and the free fuel will also add to the cost savings.

But to really save money and energy we need to look at our existing heating and lighting. We use the radiators and lightbulbs far more in the autumn and winter months so ensuring they are efficient is important if we are to save energy and money.

Energy saving bulbs should be fitted in every room as they produce just as much light but use far less power than conventional light-bulbs. While radiators should be bled regularly – or use an automatic radiator valve – to ensure they are running efficiently.

You can boost radiators with panels and reflective foil, both of which is simple to fit and can be removed in the summer (or when you have people round)

You can even take advantage of solar power during autumn and winter. Using solar garden lights or security lights will allow you to use the garden longer in the evenings and ensure you can find your way home in the dark