Eco Friendly Cleaning For Leather Sofas

A leather sofa should last a life-time. But, all too often the leather becomes dull and scratched from people and pets enjoying that comfy seating. There are special wipes which will restore and polish your leather furniture. But they do not come cheaply and they’re full of alcohol and synthetic polishes that waste your money and the earth’s resources. There is a much more Eco friendly method of cleaning leather and it’s cheap too!

All you need are two ingredients and two cloths to keep all the leather in your home looking as good as the day you bought it. Vinegar and olive oil are all it takes. The olive oil can be the cheapest you can find, I’m not talking gourmet oils here and the vinegar can be anything so long as it is light or clear. Distilled malt vinegar is now available in large bottles because so many people are starting to use it as a cheap green cleaner.

Take an old jam jar and fill it a third with vinegar and top up with olive oil. Now replace the lid and give it a good shake to emulsify the contents. Now all you need to do, is rub some of this simple leather cleaner onto your furniture, boots, jacket or indeed sofa. You only need a drop as it goes a long way. Then buff it all up again with a clean cloth.

The vinegar lifts off dirt and grime while the oil feeds and nourishes the leather. Of course you need to be careful not to use too much – we’re not looking for an oil slick effect after all. Give that jam-jar another shake every so often to mix the ingredients together again as they will want to separate.

Light scratches and scuffs will blend away as the oil brings some lustre and shine back to the leather.